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Employee Perks You Need to Offer If You Want to Recruit Top Talent

It's no secret that today's employees want more than money-so if your company is still offering the same benefits package that was on the books back in 1999, you're not doing enough to attract the talented workers you really want.

That said, it also isn't enough to offer the latest workplace incentives just because you think they're cool. Sure, free snacks and giant slides in the office are great. But are those the perks that will motivate your team the most-or are you trying to copycat great incentives programs like the ones at Google?

Employee perks have to be tailored to the type of workers you want to attract to your company. That means you need to know which options are available and why they work.

The team at Company Folders has compiled this top ten list to help you get started:

Infographic: The 10 Best Workplace Incentives