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The Design Trends You Need to Know in 2017

Working as a contractor requires a certain degree of self-marketing, especially in a fast-moving and modern field like IT. Even if your expertise lies more in the nuts and bolts of information technology, awareness of and engagement with the more surface-level and generally accessible aspects of the digital world will broaden your employment prospects. Sure, your expert-level knowledge of data systems management might be why you're the contractor for the job, but maintaining a level of fluency with the current trends in web design, marketing, and content will help you reach and impress more people.

The following infographic from Coastal Creative takes us through this year's established and developing trends in digital design. These are the aesthetic trends you've likely been seeing all over the web for the past few months, what function they serve, and why they're having their moment in 2017.

Any other digital design trends you've noticed lately? Any new developments you can't get enough of, or trends you're ready to see die out? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!