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Do Your Job Effectively!


There are many duties associated with most jobs … but inevitably there are “core” parts to your role.  It is critical that you (a) understand what they are; and (b) focus your attention on them!

“Every job is a self-portrait  of the person who does it.  Autograph your work with EXCELLENCE.”

If we use the staffing world as an example, there are two primary roles in most staffing companies (some companies combine them into one role) the salesperson and the recruiter.

If you are a salesperson then you will have a million “things to do” … planning, networking, customer service, prospecting, negotiating, presenting, entertaining and on and on.  However at the end of the day if you are not “closing business” then you are not meeting the most important  part of your job.

If you are a recruiter then you too, have a million things on your “To Do” list.  You will be understanding job roles, searching for candidates, interviewing, reviewing resumes, handling crises for your candidates, networking, and on and on.  However if you are not getting candidates accepted by your clients then you are not fulfilling the most important aspect of your role.

Some advice:

  1.  Understand what is MOST important in your role and focus your energies there!

  2. Do NOT make yourself busy with all of those OTHER tasks , and yes they need to be done, but you are not fooling anyone by hiding from the tough parts of the job!

“The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.” Oscar Wilde