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The World's Most Creative (and Bizarre) Data Centers

There are some pretty advanced data centres out there holding the world's information and ensuring applications of all nature keep running so we can live our daily lives. Each one is created uniquely to ensure it can serve the needs of company, while also adjusting to its location and maximizing on efficiency. Last year, we shared a 360 degree tour of a Google Data Centre which was pretty cool, but as this infographic from WhoIsHostingThis shows, it doesn't even scratch the surface of creativity. Did you know there's a data centre in a former NATO ammunication storehouse, as well as a decommissioned nuclear bunker? What about the fact that Yahoo! build data centres based on the design of a chicken coop? Keep scrolling to learn more about how these spectacular, and sometimes bizarre, buildings work.

The World's Most Creative (and Bizarre) Data Centers - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog