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Applying to Jobs from Your Mobile Device


Mobile technology and smart phones are widely used for nearly all purposes. Thanks to the Internet of Things, cell phones are no longer just about calling people, playing games and checking email, but individuals can control their entire lives through their phones. Still, though, according to data collected by Eagle, job searching and applying to jobs tends to be primarily managed on a computer.

There are some obvious reasons why independent contractors choose to stick to their desktop when applying for new IT jobs rather than browsing on their phone. First, many professionals are simply more comfortable on their computer and dislike navigating the browser on a small screen and trying to click through on websites that aren't completely mobile optimized. Even for those who are savvy on their phone, mobile job searches are difficult to organize and create challenges when uploading resumes -- especially if it's a resume you want to customize.

Taking advantage of your mobile device during your job search can have some clear advantages as well. For instance, you can:

  • Apply to jobs immediately as they're posted, raising your chances of being evaluated;

  • Privately search for jobs while you're at work; or,

  • Use "wasted" time more efficiently (ex. sitting on the bus, in a waiting room, or during an awkward evening with people you don't really like).

To get started, it's best to be organized and have a plan on how you can best search for jobs using your phone. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Know your favourite places. Starting with a Google search is a great way to do anything, but can also lead you on a wild goose chase. Instead, download some top job search apps and know your favourite websites to visit right away.

  • Create profiles at home. Once you know your favourites, take a few minutes while at home to create a profile on those websites. This is where you'll want your computer because it will take extra typing and file uploading. Once it's done, applying on your phone is much easier.

  • Make jobs come to your phone. Instead of hunting the jobs, have them delivered to you by signing up for job alerts wherever possible. This can usually be set-up once you've created your profile.

  • Read your emails. Recruiters and past colleagues may be sending you job opportunities. If they're contacting you, it means there's a good chance you can get the job, so read them and reply promptly.

  • Save the jobs you like. If you have a profile with that job board, then mark it as a favourite. Otherwise, email yourself a link to the job or bookmark it. This way, if anything happens (you get a phone call and accidentally close the browser) it will be easy to find the opportunity again.

  • Keep a copy of your resume in the cloud. Google Drive and Dropbox, for example, are great places to store different versions of your resume. You can access them from your phone so can easily attach them when applying to jobs.

  • Pick up the phone. We sometimes forget that cell phones can be used to call people! If there's a job you want and are unable to complete the application on your mobile device, get the contact information for the recruiter and call them. You will show interest which will buy you time and put you at the front of the line until you can formally apply.

  • Know when a computer is necessary. Of course, a cell phone can't always be the solution. Sometimes it's best to save the information and wait until you're home so you can properly customize a resume and avoid putting in a badly formatted, misspelled submission.

Do you have a preference or strategy when searching or applying for jobs? Do you use your cell phone in the process? We'd love to learn more about what works (and doesn't work) for you. Please share your feedback in the comments below.