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Interview Questions for QA Engineers and Software Geeks


Preparation is key, especially for interviews with recruiters and clients. The more prepared you are before going into a meeting, the more likely you are to provide detailed answers that highlight your experience. Without it, there's a good chance you will stutter, forget vital details and fail to appear as the true, smart IT expert that you know you are.

Some would argue that completely preparing for an interview is impossible because you will never know what kind of curveballs the interviewer will throw at you. While it's true, you can be guaranteed a surprise or two, there are some surprises you can avoid by doing a bit of research. The good news is, if you're a QA Engineer or some other software geek, we may have done the research for you.

This web page from TechBearmers lists links to a variety of interview questions for all sorts of technologies. If you're preparing for an interview and looking for questions about Python, Linux, QA, AngularJS, JavaScript, PHP or others, the we highly recommend checking it out today.

Are you looking for common interview questions for a technology not listed here? Let us know and we'll work to put something together in a future post.