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More Resume and Job Interview Advice from Recruiters


There is no better place to seek job search advice than from the recruiters who have made a career out of helping people find work. In the past, we've surveyed Eagle's recruiters to bring their insight into how to successfully write a resume and get through a job interview. Of course, there are countless recruiters around the world who are also ready to offer their advice.

A recent Glassdoor article provides a last-minute checklist for submitting your best tech resume. It recognizes that searching for jobs in the IT industry is unlike any other industry. As such, it's not possible to follow a lot of the common resume advice and you need to adapt to your surroundings. In the end, it asks 3 simple questions to answer before applying to your next IT job:

  1. Does your resume match up with your LinkedIn profile?

  2. Is your resume full of quantifiable, concrete, professional achievements?

  3. Is your resume easy to read?

Even if you've mastered the resume and get yourself in for an interview, the work is not over yet. You have to get past some of the annoying questions that recruiters like to ask and the only way to do so effectively is to practice. To get you started, Business Insider collaborated with 14 real recruiters to come up of this list of their favourite interview questions:

  1. Tell me about a time when you were a champion for change or a change agent?

  2. Why are you memorable?

  3. Tell me about a project you're proud of.

  4. What would keep you engaged in this role?

  5. What defines success?

  6. What sets you apart of other candidates?

  7. Can you paint me a picture of the role you'd leave your current position for?

  8. Tell me about the people you've managed and where they are now.

  9. What do you like about your job?

  10. What do you know about our organization?

  11. Why did you select this profession?

  12. Can you give an example of a time when you solved a complex problem with little or no information to start?

  13. What 3 adjectives best describe you?

  14. What factors would cause you to consider leaving this role?

Many of the questions above are more suitable for a permanent career than an IT contract position; however, they all provide insight into the priorities of a hiring manager and a recruiter. Rather than understand your technical competencies (as crucial as those are) they like to know what motivates you and how committed you will be to your client.

Do you have any other specific resume or interview questions? Leave them in the comments below and one of our recruiters will gladly respond!