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Top Posts of 2017


Finally, the most anticipated blog post of the holiday season -- Eagle's top Talent Development Centre posts of the year.

The TDC gets great feedback from independent contractors who enjoy the tips, advice and entertainment. These posts from the past year were the most popular, according to our analytics. If you missed any, these are absolutely the ones you want to check out today and share with your friends...

  1. The Myth of the '2 Page Resume'

  2. Calgary IT Job Market Update at the end of November 2017

  3. Canada's Proposed Tax Changes: Are you "up" on what's coming?

  4. 10 Ways to Stay Safe on Free WiFi

  5. The Key Differences Between Contract and Permanent Resumes

  6. 9 Questions Independent Contractors Should Ask All Recruiters

  7. Applying for a Contract Job vs a Permanent Position

  8. What Rate Should IT Contractors Charge?

  9. Permanent Employment vs. Contracting: A Fine Line with No Clear "Right" Answer

  10. NAFTA Revisions and Technology Workers in the US