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A Job Search Strategy for Your Generation


Everybody has a different job search strategy that depends on their situation. Your location, target clients, preferred agencies and overall comfort with the medium are all variables that affect how your job search will look compared to the IT contractor sitting beside you.

According to a recent article from Recruiting Blogs, your generation also plays a role in how you seek out opportunities. They claim you should adjust your process to what's most comfortable for you, rather than what the trends say you should do. Obviously they make many generalizations, but here are a few job search tips for each generation:

  • Baby Boomers: Keep up with times, be flexible and active. You have the most experience and potential, so have the enthusiasm to work and submit your resume in whichever format you feel makes most sense.

  • Generation-X: Take the time to find the job that is suitable to your lifestyle, it is possible, If being interviewed by a Millennial, they'll want to see your enthusiasm and passion. Baby Boomers may be set-off if they feel your values do not align with theirs, so prepare your answers carefully.

  • Millennials: Millennials need to ruin the stereotype often associated with the generation. Do this with an outstanding CV and personality, emphasizing flexibility, tech skills and teambuilding abilities.

In general, Recruiting Blogs also recommend that to be successful in a job search, people from all generations should:

  • Combine online and offline job searches

  • Expand your network

  • Gather all documentation

  • Send thank you notes after the interview

How do you think your job search differs from those in other generations? Have you consciously changed strategies or decided to go against the trends and seen more success? We'd love to learn more about your job search strategy in the comments below.