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Be More Competitive with Certifications

​Most IT contractors understand the importance of certifications in their profession. Having certifications and keeping them up-to-date ensures that recruiters and clients trust you and your abilities, and immediately puts your qualifications ahead of others without certifications.

A recent IT World Canada article explored the importance of certifications, specifically when it comes to cyber security. They offer three strong arguments for obtaining a certification and we would agree they move beyond just cyber security and are relevant for any certification:

  • The certification gets you to the shortlist

  • A certification is a quick way to fill gaps in an employee's skill set

  • Certifications can indicate strengths and passion

There are plenty of certifications available and to receive each one would be nearly impossible, given time and cost factors. Instead, IT professionals should choose based on which ones fit their career path as well as which hold the most clout in the industry. According to Glass Door, there are 14 certifications that impress recruiters most -- 11 that are role-specific and 3 software certifications. They may not all fit for Information Technology, but they're still worth being aware of:

Top Role-Specific Certifications

  1. PHR & SPHR (Human Resources)

  2. SHRM (Human Resources)

  3. PMP (Project Management)

  4. Challenger Sales (Sales)

  5. Spin Selling (Sales)

  6. Sandler Training (Sales)

  7. A+ (Help Desk/Desktop Analyst)

  8. Network+ (Help Desk/Desktop Analyst)

  9. CCNA (Network)

  10. CCNP (Network)

  11. CCIE (Network)

Top Software Certifications

  1. Salesforce

  2. Hubspot's Inbound Certification

  3. Google Certifications (Publisher, Analytics, AdWords, etc.)