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Smart Questions to Ask at the End of a Job Interview

There's a piece of age-old, sound advice that all recruiters will give when they're providing tips for a positive job interview: Be prepared to ask questions at the end. Although implied, the advice isn't always specific enough to remind job seekers that the questions need to be smart. For example, asking your interviewer "Will I sit by a window" or "Can I bring a plant to put on my desk" may be questions that could help you make a decision to take the job, but they will not give the client a reason to think that you're better suited for the position.

Instead, it's important to be prepared to ask questions that show your interviewer that you've put some thought into the situation. You want them to know that you're genuinely curious about the role and whether you will succeed. This infographic from Business Insider will help you prepare with 7 smart questions you can ask at the end of every job interview.