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Write a Resume to Grab a Gold Fish's Attention

As technology advances, people spend more time attached to their devices checking social media, email, calling, reading news, etc. and this is all between having conversations and exchanges with actual human beings. The result is smaller and smaller attention spans that make a gold fish look focused!

Similar to most professionals, recruiters are also guilty of having the attention span of a gold fish. They work with so many technologies and tools that getting them to pay close attention to your resume can prove to be challenging. This video from Professor Heather Austin provides 6 tips you can apply to your resume that will make it more likely to grab and keep a recruiter's attention:

  1. Have a clear message

  2. Include a branding profile (also known as Personal Summary)

  3. Focus on the Top Half

  4. Highlight Your Accomplishments

  5. Make it Relevant

  6. Place Emphasis on the Format