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How Busy IT Contractors Can Eat Healthier

An independent contractor's day is typically jam-packed. You may be jumping from meeting to meeting, reading documents, getting lost in code or any of the hundreds of items required just to run your business. Between all that, it's not uncommon to have a small lunch break (if any at all) and in that time, you may not be as eating as healthy as you could be.

We shared a post late last year advocating staying in shape and the benefits it can have on your career. In addition to exercise, eating properly is the best and easiest way to get into shape. When you skip lunch, eat quick unhealthy meals, or indulge in the wrong snacks, you're immediately falling behind in your quest to be healthy.

Eating healthy at work, even in your busiest days, is often just a matter of planning ahead and being prepared. In other cases, it can be a bit more challenging. Here are few simple tips you can take away that will drastically improve your weekday diet:

  • Bring a Healthy Lunch and Snacks. Bringing your own lunch and snacks gives you complete control over what you are going to eat that day. Having it pre-made also means that you won't grab something unhealthy in a pinch while you're in a rush.

  • Prepare Before the Workday. Not having a healthy lunch at work is often the result of the busy lifestyle IT contractors lead. But simple things like extending that healthy supper so there are leftovers and doing the proper grocery shopping will ensure you have the right items to bring when you're not working from home.

  • Only Eat Because You're Hungry. Often we grab a snack because something smells good or you're just bored. Instead, resist the temptations, grab a glass of water or go for a walk.

  • Bring Healthy Snacks. If it is a snack you need, then have one but have a healthy one. Fruits, vegetables, smoothies and nuts can all be great snacks that will fill you up.

  • Beware of Meetings. When clients or recruiters invite you to a meeting, either one-on-one or with a team, they often include lunch and the food can be greasy. If you don't have a say in what is being served, ask if they mind if you bring your own lunch. Or else, you could eat a smaller portion to tie you over and then eat your bagged lunch after the meeting.

  • Share Your Healthy Ideas with Others. When you bring healthy snacks, share them with other people at your client's site to encourage the behaviour and demonstrate how easy it is to do. They'll start sharing their ideas and eventually the entire office culture will change.

  • Treat yourself, but carefully. There's nothing wrong with indulging in something you love, especially when celebrating with your team. But know before hand how much you're comfortable having and don't go over that limit.

Staying in shape is not easy for any busy professional. Finding the time to exercise is extremely difficult and sometimes not even possible. While still challenging and requiring some preparation, eating healthy is more within everybody's reach and the perfect place to start.