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10 Reasons to Attend Canada's Staffing Conference - Niagara Falls in May

I recently blogged about the value of attending industry conferences for anyone, in any industry. If you are in the staffing industry in Canada then the ACSESS conference is coming up May 15, 16 and 17 in Niagara Falls.

Here are ten reasons you should attend...

One. Our industry is already being changed by new technology, including bots and Artificial Intelligence ... find out how.

Two. Learn from industry leaders what kind of disruption is happening already and what is coming. What starts in the US, Europe or Asia will surely find its way here sooner rather than later.

Three. Listen to a legal panel discuss some of the changes affecting our industry ... such as Bill 148 in Ontario, and what might happen in other provinces.

Four. There is an opportunity for a full day of learning with noted industry trainer Peter Leffkowitz. If you don't know who he is ... then clearly you need to cone to the conference!

Five. Mike Lipkin gives the opening keynote ... if you are not energised after listening to this guy then maybe you need more coffee!

Six. There is a closing keynote from Dr Greg Wells who will draw comparisons between elite athletes and top executives ... sure to get you thinking.

Seven. There will be networking opportunities allowing you to meet industry leaders one on one, build relationships and find opportunities. One side benefit I have found over the years is that when you have a relationship with a competitor then tough situations can more easily be defused ... worth the price of admission!

Eight. The setting is Niagara Falls ... with a trip to one of the local wineries. A must visit destination.

Nine. Sitting with your industry colleagues over a coffee or a beer can offer many benefits, with insights into common issues, answers to troubling situations and the possibility of shared opportunities.

Ten. ACSESS devotes considerable time and energy lobbying various levels of government on behalf of the industry. This is one way they pay for it. You benefit, so chip in by attending conference.

Eleven. Bonus .... the price is excellent value compared to most conferences!

Click here to sign up today!

I will be taking the opportunity to get some riding in, and will arrive on my motorbike ... what could be better? Networking with my industry colleagues, enjoying one of the nicest areas of Canada AND getting some motorbike time in!

See you there!