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Google for Jobs Has Finally Made it to Canada!

Almost a year ago, Google changed the job search landscape in the United States when they launched Google for Jobs. Today, they finally launched in Canada and it may change the way you search for IT contracts.

Google for Jobs is exactly what it sounds like. In true Google fashion, all you need to do is search something like "Developer Jobs in Calgary" from the Google homepage and a window into their search results appears. When you click the "More Jobs" link, you'll see that Google has scoured nearly every job board and website they could find to compile an extremely comprehensive list of current job postings.

When Google first announced the service, they made it clear that it was designed primarily to serve job seekers, as opposed to companies who are looking to hire. As such, the primary goal of the site is to enhance the job search experience as much as possible. A few features you may find are:

  • Intelligent search and filters, including matching categories and titles, employment type (contract or full-time), location and the date posted.

  • A simple mobile view of the job description with a link back to the original website

  • When available, snapshots into a company's online reviews on sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed

  • The option to save jobs and create job alerts

It will be interesting to see how this service impacts Canadian job search trends over the coming months and years. Google works closely with all major job boards including Monster and LinkedIn, but its immediately clear that it is not coordinating with the giant job aggregator Indeed. Will it take over as the #1 job board in the world? Given Google's vast range of services, we should also be curious to see how it will integrate its other assets and applications into the job search. Only time will tell, but for now, check it out next time you're on the hunt for an IT contract or full-time job.