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The Value in Attending Industry Conferences

I started my own business more than twenty years ago and since then I have attended at least one industry conference most years. I consider it to be a big part of my educational investment in myself and have never left a conference thinking that I had wasted my time or money. I consider all the many reasons I feel this way to be the POSITIVE considerations for attending industry conferences.  ​


Unless you live in a bubble you KNOW that every industry is evolving at an incredible pace. That significant change is just around the corner, and that can represent both risk AND opportunity. However if you don't understand the change, are not current with where your industry is going and don't see the threats and opportunities ... then you are going to lose! I would consider this line of argument the NEGATIVE reasons associated with NOT attending your industry conferences.  

So you have carrot and stick ... compelling reasons why you should sign up for this year's conference in your industry segment.

"Wise men learn by other people's mistakes. Fools by their own." Anon

We all need to keep learning or we get left behind. Industry conferences are a very focused, high return way to get some intense and relevant training!

See you there!