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Agile or DevOps? GitLab Seeks to Answer the Question

Earlier this month we shared some results from GitLab's developer survey that surveyed over 5000 IT professionals from around the world on a variety of topics. While the survey focused on investigating cultures and high-performing teams, it also dove into teams' development methodologies, and more specifically, those using either DevOps or Agile.

Most Teams Use an Agile Methodology

The chart below makes it clear that most developers -- more than two-thirds -- describe their team's development methodology as Agile. Interestingly, as the note by the chart states, 67% of the respondents believe a DevOps workflow saves time during the development process, and a similar pattern showing a preference to DevOps was found throughout the report (keep in mind: GitLab is a DevOps-based product). Of all high-performing teams who were surveyed, 45% said they have a clear DevOps culture, where only 21% of low-performing teams said the same thing.

There is a Trend Towards Automating and Deploying Code On-Demand

The GitLab survey found that managers and developers alike are more interested in practicing DevOps as they agree it saves time in development. Regardless of their current practice, there is a clear trend towards automation and faster deployment, and these charts demonstrate it well: