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100+ Amazing Facts About Voice Search

Modern technology plays an integral part in our everyday lives. Through the years, many major technological breakthroughs have been made and one of them is certainly voice enabled technology, or as it is more commonly known -- voice search.

It can be found in various portable devices such as smartphones and smart speakers. The most famous technology companies in the world have implemented voice search, and whether it is Google Assistant, Alexa, Bixby, or Siri, they all have the same goal -- making life easier for the people using them. Because of this they've steadily been increasing in popularity, with infographic created by teams at states that 1 in 5 adults use voice search on a regular basis.

Before we take a look at some interesting facts about voice search, let's see how it actually works.

  1. First of all, voice search processes and transcribes the human speech into text.

  2. Next, it analyzes the text in order to detect questions and commands.

  3. After that, it connects to an external data source such as a search engine to find the relevant information.

  4. And finally, it translates that information into a digestible format and fulfills the user's intent.

Modern voice search devices are often interactive which makes them capable to maintain a dialog with humans. The rapid growth that they are experiencing is only going to make them more and more sophisticated in the years to come.

Voice search can be used while driving, watching TV, working, and even when showering or using the bathroom. The main reasons why smartphone users worldwide use voice-enabled technology are presented in the following list.

  • Doing online searches -- 60%

  • Finding information on a product in which they are interested in -- 51%

  • Asking questions -- 50%

  • Asking a fun question -- 49%

  • Asking for directions -- 42%

  • Making a call -- 41%

  • Playing music -- 41%

  • Asking for the weather forecast -- 40%

  • Finding a local business -- 34%

  • Looking for info on a local business -- 34%

These facts, along with more than a hundred of others, are contained in the infographic below. Take a look at it to find out more fascinating facts about voice search technology.