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A Look at Google Duplex -- The A.I. Personal Assistant

Independent contractors are busy people. After dealing with the bulk of your work, fitting in tasks like scheduling a hair appointment, making dinner reservations or booking interviews can be the extra nuisance that makes you wish you could stay in bed. In a perfect world, you'd have a personal assistant to handle these tedious phone calls for you, but who has money for that? Google has heard your pain and help is on the way!

This past Spring, Google brought personal assistants to a new level with its artificial intelligence called Duplex. Duplex has an ability (inspiring or terrifying) to make phone calls, book appointments, and have live conversations with people. This video from ColdFusion will tell you all about it along with a couple demos. If you haven't already seen this, take a few minutes to watch the video (first demo is at 2:04). You'll be floored, not only how it answers questions, but also the way it sounds human by throwing in a couple "ums" and handling interruptions.