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Never Say These 7 Sentences in a Job Interview

You know those cliche and buzz words that recruiters hate seeing in resumes? They're not doing you any justice when you bring them up in a job interview either. That's according to this video published by Business Insider a few years ago. Sure, it may be dated, but we can speak from experience, these cliché have not gone away.

According to the video, there are 7 sayings that need to end:

  1. I'm a team player

  2. I'm the perfect fit for this job

  3. I'm open to anything

  4. I'm a perfectionist

  5. I'm a workaholic

  6. I have good leadership skills

  7. I wasn't appreciated at my last job

The video dives into specifics as to why each saying's bad and how it's hurting you when you say it to a recruiter or client. If any of these seven lines have slipped out of your mouth recently, watch the video for more details and some suggested alternatives.