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How Does Google Maps Work?

It's rare anymore that we go on a road trip and a co-pilot sits in the passenger seat with a ripped paper map folded in weird ways, trying to navigate through quadrants A-15 and A16. First,MapQuest (yup, it still exists) changed the way we travel by providing us with pages of step-by-step instructions. Then we all purchased a GPS for our car so a lady with a British accent could tell us when to turn and make legal u-turns. And eventually, Google put everything together to create Google Maps, a product that is still evolving and giving us travel tips we never thought could be possible.

It's no accident that Google Maps has become the navigation leader that it is today. As this video from Techquickie explains, it's the result of intensive data collection and analysis from a variety of sources, artificial intelligence and human interaction. If you have an interest in maps, data or Google, you're going to be fascinated by this video.