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The Cool New Things You Can Do with iOS 12

Earlier this week, Apple finally released iOS 12 and reviews have been pretty exciting so far. While many features are unchanged, there are at least 19 new things you can do on your Apple device that you couldn't do before. The even better news is that, rather than having to discover the new features on your own,Gizmodo did the heavy lifting for us! Here's a summary of their list, and you can see their post for all the details.

  1. Create your own Memoji

  2. Add stickers and text

  3. Spot repeated passwords

  4. Clear notifications quickly

  5. Share photos more easily

  6. Search for photos more easily

  7. Tackle your smartphone addiction

  8. Browse for ebooks more easily

  9. Measure objects with augmented reality

  10. Enjoy shared AR experiences

  11. Be disturbed less

  12. Get more from Siri

  13. Browse the web in peace

  14. Use Google Maps in CarPlay

  15. Update iOS automatically

  16. Get more from Stocks

  17. Use gestures on your iPad

  18. Build your own Siri Shortcuts

  19. Make group video calls in FaceTime