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The Ongoing Debate Around the Future of Work

Last week's video sparked a bit of debate around the actual need for everybody to learn to code when we shared a video arguing that the movement where all kids need to learn to code is misguided. Today, we're sharing another video on a topic with varying opinions between economists and futurists -- the future of work and whether or not there will still be a place for humans.

As automation continues to grow, so do fears that jobs will fade. Take self-checkouts at stores as an example. These raise controversy as some consumers believe the machines are taking jobs from humans, where the other side will argue they're creating different types of jobs and the economy will grow. The latter concept is explained further in this video by Vox. It looks at historical data, talks to economists, and provides theories as to why the future of work is only looking bright, even with more and more robots coming in. That said, a scroll through the comments shows equally valid arguments as to why the outlook is looking grim.

What do you think the real future of work will be?