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Contractor Quick Poll: How long is a reasonable commute?

Unless you're fortunate enough to work from your home-office every day, you have some sort of commute to get into your client's place of business a few days per week. Recruiters at Eagle talk to independent contractors all the time, helping them look for the ideal tech job. We carefully evaluate what you're looking for and work hard to find a client to fits all the criteria. Increasingly, especially in high population areas like Toronto, IT contractors list the commute time as a high priority consideration when evaluating job opportunities.

It's clear that job seekers want to minimize their commute so they can maximize productivity and work/life balance. Interestingly, the definition of a "long commute" varies based on city and a person's preferences. In this month's contractor quick poll, we want to get a better grasp of what Canadian contractors generally consider to be a reasonable commute.