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10 Tips for a Great Ski Holiday

With Christmas over and Kwanzaa starting today, we're right in the heart of Winter holiday season. While some IT contractors may be back at work, others are enjoying break at home or away. If you're gearing up for a ski holiday, let us help you prepare. We found this infographic from SnowRepublic with these 10 super tips to ensure you have a great Ski Holiday:

  1. Don't Lose Your Ticket!

  2. Be sure to Relax

  3. Protect Yourself from the Sun

  4. Take Pictures

  5. Eat Well

  6. Follow the Signs

  7. Wear the Correct Gear

  8. Bring a First Aid Kit

  9. Keep Your Equipment in Optimal Condition

  10. Stay in Control!

Have a look at the infographic for more details. Is there anything you would add?