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Highlights from the 2018 State of the Octoverse

GitHub, one of the world's largest development platforms and developer hangouts, publishes State of the Octoverse Report. It tracks user activity and compiles user stats to share how they interact with each other, what they're working on, rising trends, and some random fun facts. The report is packed with data and we find the Projects section to be the most interesting because it gives a good snapshot into the hottest projects, languages and topics. Here's a summary of some of the most interesting findings:

Top Open Source Projects

While those at the top of the list are consistent, GitHub notes that the newer ones (Kubernetes, Azure Docs and DefinitelyTyped) are projects that manage containerized applications, share Azure documentation, and consolidate TypeScript type definitions.

  1. Microsoft/vscode

  2. facebook/react-native

  3. tensorflow/tensorflow

  4. angular/angular-cli

  5. MicrosoftDocs/azure-docs

  6. angular/angular

  7. ansible/ansible

  8. kubernetes/kubernetes 5K

  9. npm/npm

  10. DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped

Azure Docs is also noted as the fastest growing open source project, with pytorch, godot and nuxt.js (neither of which are in the top 10) rounding up the top three fastest growing projects. GitHub notes: "Overall, we're seeing trends in growth of projects related to machine learning, gaming, 3D printing, home automation, scientific programming, data analysis, and full stack JavaScript development." It's also interesting to see who is driving these open source projects. While there are millions of paid and volunteer developers involved, some particular organizations fund and encourage this more than others. Microsoft, Google and Red Hat top the list and each have between 3300 and 7700 employees contributing. Also on the list are people from universities like UC Berkely, University of Washington, and MIT.

Top and Fastest Growing Languages

When it comes to skills development and understanding what kind of rates you can charge, knowing the world's most popular and fastest growing programming languages is critical. As can be seen from GitHub's chart, JavaScript and Java have consistently been numbers 1 and 2 on the list for the past 5 years, with Python and PHP being in 3rd or 4th. The top 6-10 languages, however, have been more volatile. It's interesting to see how much less popular Ruby has become!

As far as the fastest growing languages, GitHub says it is seeing trends toward more statically typed languages focused on thread safety and interoperability:

  1. Kotlin

  2. HCL

  3. TypeScript

  4. PowerShell

  5. Rust

  6. CMake

  7. Go

  8. Python

  9. Groovy

  10. SQLPL

What About Emojis???

Finally, the most important question: which emojis are being used? Rest assured, GitHub is tracking that too! Fortunately, developers remain quite positive, with the thumbs up, party, heart and happy face being used the most. But it's not all happy, the thumbs down and confused face finish up the list of most used emojis. Maybe not surprising, they're both especially popular with C# contributors.