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20 Great Job Interview Tips from 3 Great Sources

When it comes to job interviews, you can never get too much help. Once again, we've rounded up the latest tips from some of the most experienced sources when it comes to developer jobs and interviews.

Glass Door's Job Interview Checklist

Glassdoor is a leader in reviewing companies' cultures and helping people find jobs at organizations with the best fit. That's why we're starting with theirinterview checklist that guides a job seeker through the process, from the second you get the interview to the days following it.

  1. Study for your interview like it's a final exam

  2. Generate a list of potential interview questions (and their answers!) beforehand

  3. Write out answers to every question you anticipate, and practice delivering them out loud

  4. Compare your skills and experience to the job description

  5. Be rested and healthy for the big day

  6. Dress for success

  7. Empower yourself

  8. Don't leave any unnecessary unknowns

  9. Keep an interview journal

  10. Follow up

Simple Programmer's Top Ways to Behave in a Developer Job Interview

Marcell Lipp has five years of work experience as a software developer and blogs about his experiencesurviving as a programmer. Lipp recently posted on Simple Programmer with these 6 tips for how to behave in a developer interview.

  1. Stay Calm and Confident

  2. Never Lie About Your Knowledge

  3. Evaluate the Company as Well

  4. Don't Stress Before the Interview

  5. Buy Time During the Interview

  6. Try Your Best and Be Prepared for Your Interview

Lessons Learned from Dice's Horror Stories

Dice published a semi-humourous/semi-horrifying article withhorrible stories from tech interviews. With each story came a lesson and these are four extremely relevant ones for any technology professional.

  1. Prepare for high pressure

  2. Don't lie about skills and experience

  3. Never argue... even if you're right

  4. Don't Bring Your Parents

Noticeably, many of the tips and advice repeat within each source, highlighting their importance. Also, these lists merely tease the details and clicking through to any of these links will give you much more valuable advice and information on how you can apply it. If you come across any helpful resources, we'd love to see them so we can continue to share expert knowledge from around the world on the Talent Development Centre with IT contractors and other job seekers.