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"New Year, New Job" -- 5 Steps to Get Started in 2019

January. A fresh start for the New Year. The month where we set goals, commit to self-improvement and kick bad habits.

The New Year also often brings thoughts of new jobs and new career challenges - why wouldn't we apply that same mentality to our careers? Much like getting results from hitting the gym and eating more greens, a successful career also requires focus, commitment and hard work. If New Year, New Job resonates with you, here is a quick guide to setting yourself up for a successful job search:

Step 1: Get Your Resume Job Search Ready

Priority number one is to update your resume. There are a lot great tips available online and many offer different opinions (our favourite tips can be foundhere). Your resume is often your first chance to make a first impression, so be sure to check it for accuracy. The devil really is in the details. It is also a good idea to take stock of where you are today and put some thought in to where you want to get to. From there, set some annual career goals.

Step 2: Get Social, Network & Apply!

These days, having a current, online presence is just as important as having a great resume. Make sure you have a professional online persona and that you are connected to everyone you know. Think of your online profile as a personal brochure, but DO NOT hide behind it. Step away from screens and get out in front of people. Meet everyone you can -- your contacts, industry events, meet-ups, contacts of contacts and reputable recruiters.

While you are networking, find the right jobs to apply for. We believe in quality over quantity. Your time is much better spent on a few great applications that are a good fit for your experience rather than blasting your resume to every posting you see.

Step 3: Get Job Interview Ready

The job interview is your time to shine, but it can be stressful if you aren't prepared. Do your homework and read thesetips and tricks to help you calm your nerves and bring your "A" game to the interview.

Step 4: Master the Marketplace: Learn & Grow

One of the realities of being a successful IT professional is that you always need to stay on top of trends. Change is constant in this industry and -- as technology advances -- so must your knowledge and skills. The most successful people we know are always broadening their knowledge and one of the most effective ways to open up new career opportunities is to develop new skills.

Step 5: Stay on Track

We all know that the easiest thing to do with a New Year resolution is to simply forget about it or to give up when things start to get tough. Don't take the easy way out! Stick with thejob search process and you will have something new before you know it.