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The Difference Between Millennials and Gen Z (and how to work with both of them)

For the past decade, Millennials have been a hot topic and commonly discussed in nearly every type of post you read on the Internet: “Managing Millennials”, “Working with Millennials”, “Finding a Job as a Millennial”, “How to Properly Begrudge a Millennial”, etc. The fact is that millennials are now well into the workforce and there’s a whole other generation on its way that we need to understand — Generation Z.

Generation Z is the cohort born after 1997 or around that time frame, depending what you read. They are finishing up their post-secondary education now so will be a large part of the workforce shortly.  In the media and many publications, Gen Z are often confused for Millennials, because that term has been coined to describe any young person doing weird or annoying things (Remember the Tide Pod Challenge? That was Gen Z, but Millennials got blamed).

Regardless of what we label them, it’s necessary to understand all generations and their differences in case you are suddenly managing a new grad or working with one on your team. This infographic from Manila Recruitment will get you started.

Infographic: Millennials vs Generation Z