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Top Design Trends for 2019

Keeping up with IT trends can be a hassle, something that we understand. Fortunately, Coastal Creative created this infographic to help you get a better handle on the Digital and Graphic Design trends that will be popular this year. If you're wondering why this is important to people outside of the design business, here are some reminders:

  • While you may not be asked to design the website, you may be asked to design/create elements that coincide with these trends, making the need to understand their overall look crucial to how you will approach your side of the project to seamlessly fit with the pre-created design/content

  • Having a basic understanding/knowledge of the names and their corresponding look (i.e Brutalism and its connection to socialist architecture) makes you appear more multi-faceted to clients.

  • Understanding the artistic aspects of the Information Technology world will help you connect with the more art-oriented professionals of the digital world, which could result in more networking opportunities, or hey, you could find that you really like some of these ideas and want to learn to re-create them yourself.

If you're still hesitant, remember that just like how you bring the dreams of imagination to life through the creation of websites, posts, blogs, business ideals, etc., so do artists: "art brings imagination to life", Robert Lee Munoz.