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7 Tips for New Programmers to Improve Their Skills

Learning the ins and outs of various codes is challenging enough, and we tip our hat to anybody who has taken the time to become great at writing it. Solving problems and delivering creative solutions to clients takes skill and deserves credit, regardless of your level or experience. Still, there are subtle things beginner programmers do when they write code that make an intermediate or expert programmer cringe, and reveal a true noob.

If you're starting out your programming career and want to improve your skills, check out this video by Andy Sterkowitz. He explains these 7 tips to help make your code more readable and easier to work with:

  1. Avoid Abbreviating Variables

  2. Limit Function Arguments

  3. Simplify Conditional Expressions

  4. Declare Variables Close to Their Usage

  5. Avoid Unintended Consequences in Functions

  6. Functions Should Do One Thing (avoid long functions)

  7. Stop Writing ZOMBIE CODE