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Fun Facts About Developers We Learned from the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey

A couple weeks ago we shared statistics from the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey that summarized the most popular technologies and tech trends among developers. Sure, these are helpful if you’re planning your career, but are you also interested how your opinions, habits and preferences compare to other developers world-wide? If so, keep on reading! (if not, keep reading anyway… it might be better than whatever else you were planning to do)

Developer Job Searching Experiences

Of the survey respondents who were from Canada, 74.7% were employed full-time and only 9.3% were independent contractors, meaning not all job search findings may be relevant or accurate for the IT contractor community. That said, these facts remain interesting in understanding what you’re up against during your next job search:

  • 3% of developers are satisfied with their current career and 65.7%, slightly less, are satisfied with their current job. Vice-versa, only 16.6% are dissatisfied with their career and 21.9% are dissatisfied with their current job.

  • 13% of developers are actively seeking a new job and 58.3% are open to new opportunities if they arise

  • When asked about the last time they updated their resume, nearly half (42.8%) said it was when they started preparing their job search and another 14.5% said it was only because they heard about a new opportunity. We recommend being part of the 32.8% who updated their resume because something changed in their experience.

  • Most commonly, successful interviews included a meeting with senior management, a meeting with other peers in the same role, and some sort of code-writing assignment. For those who dislike brain teasers, the good news is that only 19.3% reported having one of those in their last job interview.

  • Speaking of writing code, 14.7% of developers reported having to answer the FizzBuzz question. If you haven’t heard of that, it’s a growing trend and worth researching if you plan on job searching any time soon.

Common Work Habits Among Developers

Developers also share work habits and preferences once on the job. Here a few of our favourite facts from the 2019 Stack Overflow Survey results:

  • More than half of the respondents said they work from home more than once/month and 15.4% of respondents work from home more than half the time. That being said, 59.2% of respondents said they are happier at the office.

  • Canadian developers work an average of 40.2 hours per week. Compared to the rest of the world, the Netherlands have the shortest average week (38.1 hours) and Poland has the longest (44.6 hours).

  • 2% of developers believe they need to be a manager if they want to make more money and about a quarter of them would like a manager position in the future. 81% of developers are confident in their current managers.

  • Although stereotyped as introverted, 60% of developers prefer to have offline conversations rather than just online.

  • 8% of developers do code reviews because they see value in it, and another 7.6% only do them because they’re told to (the remainder don’t do code reviews at all). Most developers (62.7%) spend 2-5 hours per week reviewing code.

  • The greatest challenges to developers’ productivity are:

    1. Distracting work environment

    2. Meetings

    3. Being tasked with non-development work

    4. Not enough people for the workload

    5. Lack of support from management

Random Facts About Developers

Did you know that when it comes to online handle terminology, most developers prefer the word “username”? Here are a few other tidbits of knowledge for your watercooler conversation:

  • Developers are confident but some are lacking self-awareness. 6% believe they are above average developers and 23.9% say they are average. Only 7.4% admit to being below average. Depending on your definition of average, statistics say that a few developers can’t be as great as they believe themselves to be.

  • A developer’s work is never done. Have you ever wondered why just because you can create an incredible app, people assume you can also make their printer work? You’re not the only one. Nine out of ten developers say they’re the IT support person at home.

  • Developers are not trendy when it comes to social media preferences.

    According to Buffer, Reddit is the world’s 13th most popular social network, yet it’s #1 among developers. The top 5 social networks among developers compared to the rest of the world are:

    1. Reddit (average: #13)

    2. YouTube (average: #2)

    3. WhatsApp (average: #3)

    4. Facebook (average: #1)

    5. Twitter (average: #12)

Now that’s a lot of data! How do you compare to the tens of thousands of developers who responded to the survey?