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Where is the ICT Labour Market Going -- Part II

In mylast Talent Development Centre post, I spoke about the looming tech skills shortage. One that is beginning in the USA and is expected to be "exported" to the rest of the world. In this post, I'm taking the discussion a bit further by discussing a "leading driver" for this shortage -- Digital Transformation Projects. According to a recent Mulesoft Connectivity Benchmark Report, almost all companies surveyed are either implementing a digital transformation strategy or are planning to deploy one within the next 3 years. From the same report, the top 5 goals of digital transformation are reported to be: Increasing IT's operational efficiency, improving customer experience, increasing business efficiency, introducing new products and services faster, and improving employee experience.

Source: Mulesoft Connectivity Benchmark Report 2019[/caption] Strategies such as these, and the projects that follow, require heavy investments in technology and in the people needed to design, built, test and implement the new solutions. Unsurprisingly, given the huge number of organizations working towards this, there is a growing skills gap -- one that threatens to impact the industry. According to Constellation Research, they found that IT and Business leaders now see this as the greatest threat to their strategy's success. In fact, recent reports suggest that lack of talent/human capital is a leading factor impeding US economic growth. They are currently experiencing 50-year lows in their unemployment rate.

This is great news if you are an ICT contractor! ...especially if you have the right, in-demand skills. From Eagle's own experience across Canada, these skills/roles would include the following:

  • Project Managers

  • Business Analysts

  • Security/Cybersecurity

  • Cloud

  • BI, Data Analytics and Data Science

  • Business Transformation/Change Management

  • Agile Developers

  • Mobile Technologies Experts

  • SAP

  • AI/RPA/Automation Testing

In case there was any question whether the skill shortages experienced south of the border might make its way to Canada, the table below, created with data frome-Talent Canada, suggests that we are already at full-employment right across Canada (or already constrained in some regions).

Source: e-Talent Canada[/caption] These are exciting days to work in the field of Technology!