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Outside-the-Box Job Interview Tips

Getting called in for a job interview is a good sign. It means your qualifications on paper are strong enough that a recruiter or client believes you're worth meeting in-person. You've already beaten out dozens, possibly hundreds, of other applicants and now your job is to prove to your interviewer that you're also better than the other applicants they're meeting. Strong answers and good technical knowledge about the project are going to help you succeed in the job interview, but let's face it, any good IT job candidate will do the same. You need some unique strategies to set yourself apart, and this infographic we found from Forbes might be your ticket. They recommend ideas that few job seekers follow-through on:

  1. Go Beyond the Homepage

  2. Use Google Alerts

  3. Aim for 10:30am Tuesday

  4. Craft your Story Statement

  5. Wear a Fashion Statement

All of the details are below and, while doing all of them still won't guarantee your job interview success, they will definitely help you stand out in the crowd. Good luck!