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It Feels Good When People are Nice to You ...

It does, doesn’t it?  When people go out of their way to be nice it makes you feel good.  It doesn’t have to be any big deal. 

There are tons of ways to make people smile, to affect them in a positive way.  If we all did it every now and then perhaps we would also be the recipients of those feel good moments!

Here are some excerpts from previous blog entries that might make you think about this stuff …

1.SMILE … its CONTAGIOUS. I wrote this blog entry in October 2006 about all the reasons why you should smile, even though you don’t actually NEED a reason to smile … its just a good thing to do!
2. I wrote a blog entry in April last suggesting that you CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY, and in fact it is very possible to do just that!
3. In August 2006 I shamelessly plagiarised TEN TACTICS FOR A SUPERB RELATIONSHIP from Robin Sharma. Remarkably its all about being nice to each other!
4. In August of 2007 I talked about the EMOTIONAL BANK ACCOUNT which I learned from Stephen Covey, and the need to make deposits in all of those accounts!!!
5. Finally, in March 2006 I explained one of my favorite personal sayings WALK FAST and SMILE, which once again focuses on the power of a smile!