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Dating Advice for your Job Search: 7 signs your first date (or job interview) is going great

Job search advice has been researched and hashed out by experts around the world, and if there's any topic more popular on the internet, it's dating. The two have plenty of parallels so to give you a different perspective on your job search, we've found expert dating tips and applied them to make your career thrive. In this post, we're looking at afirst date article from the dating website Plenty of Fish. It gives the sure-fire signs that a date is going well. These can easily be applied to your job interview. Knowing an interview is going well gives you momentum. You're encouraged to keep putting effort into your responses, it makes you more positive, and the connection with your interviewer grows. In contrast, when you spot an interview is tanking, you know not get your hopes up and you're driven to keep searching for your next gig as soon as you get home. If you're ever doubting yourself during an interview (which we all do), here's some tangible evidence that everything's going a-ok... based on advice from a first date:

Genuine Face Time

Eye contact, nodding and smiling are all good signs that the recruiter or hiring manager are interested in what you're saying and engaged in conversation. Vice-versa, you want to be doing the same and let your body language display that you care about the IT contract. If the person you meet with is distracted by their phone or checking their watch, it might be time to kiss this job opportunity goodbye.

The Conversation Flows, Easily

Conversation happens naturally when there's a real connection. You and your interviewer will have a great back-and-forth discussion about your experience and their project, plus you might even crack a few jokes. Unlike dating, lack of connection doesn't represent a lack of future. Being liked by your recruiter, however, does give you a leg-up on your competition.

They Make You Laugh

As already mentioned, joking together is a sign of a good connection. For this point, though, let's look atlaughing from a broader perspective and consider that the interview makes you feel happy and excited about what's going on. Similar to when you hear a good joke, if what you're hearing in this interview gives you a positive feeling, makes you smile, and you genuinely want to hear more, then it's safe to say you're on the right track.

You Have Things in Common

Not necessarily with the interviewer (although it's a nice-to-have) but as the interview moves along, you'll know things are going well if your goals and skills align with the projects and opportunities available with the client. Perhaps you'll even find that your unique skillset matches exactly what they need for their newest innovation.

You Get the Feeling They're a Good Person

After meeting with the recruiter and hiring manager, and getting to know them and their company, you can confirm that you're in the right place. You know from the conversation that both the individuals and the companies they represent (the client and/or staffing agency) are they types of people you want to do business with.

No One Pulls the "Something-Suddenly-Came-Up" Move

A bit of a harsh move for a first date, but practical and understandable in business. Time is valuable so if a hiring manager realizes early in the interview that things won't work out, they might end it and send you on your way. Make no mistake, this is nosubtle sign. The interview did not go great and it's time to keep looking.

The Long Kiss Goodnight

We can't speak for all recruitment agencies, but at Eagle, there will not be a kiss... regardless of how great your interview was. If the interview went great, though, you might get a long conversation at the door, a request to see them again sometime soon, and even a follow-up text the next day!