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Why Are Staffing Agencies Important for the Hiring Process

Eagle's founder, Kevin Dee, recently had the opportunity to participate on a panel in a webinar hosted byCPA4IT. The event, titled The Future of Work for Independent Contracting Webinar, set out to discuss how Canadian IT contractors can survive and thrive in this time and what practical tips that they can utilize to achieve success at work as an Independent Contractor.

One topic discussed was the value of staffing agencies, both for clients in the hiring and contracting process, as well as for IT contractors looking for work. Below is a clip of Kevin Dee's insight on the topic, including how companies are seeking to improve efficiencies, as well as protect contractors from being deemed an employee by the CRA.

Eagle's CEO, Janis Grantham, is joining the panel for the next webinar hosted by CPA4IT on Thursday, October 22nd. They'll be building on the previous discussion and answering questions about the future of work for independent contracting in Canada. Click here to register today.