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Adopt a GOOD Attitude

Attitude is one of my favorite topics for this blog, and I have to be careful not to over do my “obsession” with the subject. 

It is important to individuals, to companies, to teams and to family.

Everyone wants to be around the positive, outgoing characters … they just make you feel better. 

Yet we ALL have the ability to develop and display the kind of attitude that we want!

I am a fan of Seth Godin’s writings and some time ago he wrote a blog suggesting that perhaps in previous times Your Smile Didn’t Matter.   

It’s a thought provoking piece, because he suggests that today it is ALL about attitude, and therefore your smile does matter now!

Its funny that he talks about smiling, when he talks about attitude … and as usual, he is right on the money!

  • Everyone can adopt a positive attitude … it is all in your own hands.

  • It has NOTHING to do with personality types, Zodiac signs, how you are raised, or any other external factor …it is all in your head!

  • It costs you nothing.

  • You WILL feel better.

  • You WILL make others feel better.

  • Like Nike says …

    Just Do It!

Seth Godin suggests that the new world (and I’m always talking about how everything is changing) requires you to have a great attitude … he’s right! 

I just think that the “old world” wanted it too … its just more important now!

"It is good people who make good places."

Anna Sewell

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