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Predicting Key Trends in Cybersecurity

There is no shortage of tech trends to discuss. Regardless of your role or industry, changes are coming at a fast-pace, and keeping up with them is imperative to your career success. Knowing what's on the horizon and predicting what clients will want, lets you keep the right skills and certifications up to date, as well as highlight the right sections of your resume to truly sell yourself.

One area seeing excessive growth world-wide, and across every industry, is Cybersecurity. It isn't a secret nor should it come as a surprise to anyone that, although this area has always been growing, the COVID-19 pandemic propelled that growth. Thycotic's 2020 Global Survey or Cyber Security Leaders, which checked-in with 900 senior IT decision-makers in large companies around the world, backed up this observation, saying it's due to so many organizations adding technology and moving to cloud solutions. (Interestingly, that same survey showed that an overwhelming number of these companies don't fully-utilize the security technology they implement, but that's a topic for another day.)

Gartner is also observing security trends, which they recently highlighted in their Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021. First, they note that privacy-enhancing computation is going to play a big role for IT departments in the coming years. Noting the maturation of global data protection legislation as a main driver, they predict that by 2025, half of large organizations will implement privacy enhancing computation for processing data in trusted environments. Gartner also says that the Cybersecurity Mesh, the idea that anyone can access a digital asset securely, regardless of the location of the person or the data, is going to continue growing. They state that by 2025, half of all requests will be supported by the Cyber Security Mesh.

So, what are the best skills to build up in the coming year to ensure you can take advantage of these trends? This past October, Burning Glass released a report highlighting the fastest-growing Cybersecurity skills, and it's packed with information for the IT Security professional or tech enthusiast looking to break into the field. They analyzed over a billion historical job records and projected 5-year growth rates for specific jobs. Overall, it shows a trend towards building secure digital infrastructure from the ground up.

The report highlights the top 10 growing skills, which are listed below, showing that Application Development Security and Cloud Security are the place to be. The top one, which includes sub-skills such as DevSecOps, Container Security, Microservices Security, and Application Security Code Review, is expected to see 164% growth over the next 5-years!

  1. Application Development Security (164% growth)

  2. Cloud Security (115% growth)

  3. Risk Management (41% growth)

  4. Threat Intelligence (37% growth)

  5. Incident Response (36% growth)

  6. Compliance and Controls (36% growth)

  7. Data Privacy and Security (32% growth)

  8. Access Management (164% growth)

  9. Security Strategy and Governance (20% growth)

  10. Health Information Security (20% growth)

Technology is connecting our world in incredible ways, but that means more and more sensitive data is flowing and protecting it is key in keeping products trusted and successful. What other Cybersecurity trends are you seeing, or expecting to see, in the coming year?