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Why are you doing things the way that you do them?

You still call on the same clients.

You still have the same selling messages.

Your offerings are the same.

Your pitch is the same.

Your value proposition is the same.

Yet ... the world is changing.

Don't change for change sake ... but do make sure that what you are doing is still relevant!

A little girl was watching her mother prepare a fish for dinner.

Her mother cut the head and tail off the fish and then placed it into a baking pan.

The little girl asked her mother why she cut the head and tail off the fish.

Her mother thought for a while and then said, "I've always done it that way -- that's how Grandma did it."

Not satisfied with the answer, the little girl went to visit her Grandma to find out why she cut the head and tail off the fish before baking it.

Grandma thought for a while and replied, "I don't know. My mother always did it that way."

So the little girl and the Grandma went to visit Great Grandma to find ask if she knew the answer.

Her Great Grandma thought for a while and said, "Because, in my day, we had only a small kitchen, and my baking pan was too small to fit in the whole fish."

Today we live in a fast changing environment ... what worked a couple of years ago just might not be working too well any more.

Worse yet, what we were doing a couple of years ago might not have been working too well then!

We all need to constantly change in order to to remain relevant.

"The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change."

Bill Clinton

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