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Develop Good Sales Habits

Sales teams are often made up of some different characters, each of which will have an annual $ target (their plan) and they will often be compensated based on their performance.

Their approach will however range differently ... but here are three different hard working sales characters that you might recognise.

Salesperson #1 works as hard as they can every month, receives some recognition for those months that are exceptional ... and at the end of the year they may or may not meet and/or exceed their plan.

They have some regular clients where they spend most of their time, and a few key people who they will socialise with regularly.

Salesperson #2 breaks the annual target down into 12 equal amounts, works as hard as possible each month to make the target. Some months she will exceed, some months will miss.

At the end of the year she "hopes" to meet her plan.

She will have decent rapport with her clients but will be fairly low key, and she only attends client social events when absolutely necessary.

Salesperson #3 sets their own target which is x% higher than the company plan and breaks that down to a monthly target.

They develop a plan that will identify what clients the revenue is coming from and what action is needed to generate those results.

The person reviews their plan weekly, adjusts where their efforts are directed depending upon the return on that investment and owns the responsibility for meeting the plan.

They will have a wide group of acquaintances, and some close friends among their clients, with whom they will socialise fairly regularly.

They spend a great deal of time out of the office meeting clients and prospective clients and may have many coffee meetings, lunches, breakfast, drinks after work etc.

Which type of salesperson are you?

Which of these salespeople would you want on your team?

Some thoughts...

  • The Hope and a Prayer plan is really ineffective. You needs hard goals with an associated action plan detailed enough to show the road to success!

  • A consistent, professional and systematic approach to sales WILL bring results.

  • Sales is NOT about how popular you are, nor how much you talk.

  • Sales IS far more about listening and bringing value to your clients.

  • Clients will buy from people they enjoy working with ... which is professional people, who are pleasant to deal with, who help them with their challenges and who have established a level of trust! (Oh by the way, often these relationships develop into friendship).

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit."


Kevin Dee is founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)

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