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Great Salespeople Deliver!

It amazes me but many salespeople want to be called anything but sales people.

They want titles like account manager, account representative, client rep or any other name that does not have the word "sales" in it.

I am proud to be a sales person!

Sales people are responsible for generating the revenue of the corporation (any corporation), without which there would be no corporation.

There are other sales people who come with different titles too... CEO, COO, CIO, CFO, VP, Director etc.

Executives are also ALL sales people, and their primary job is to ensure the revenue keeps coming in too... everything else is secondary!

Companies without revenues are (a) start-ups that have a limited time in which to generate revenues; (b) a not for profit; or (c) bankrupt!

So... as a salesperson how do I make sure that the revenue keeps coming in?

1. I accept accountability for my numbers. I OWN that responsibility and make it my mission to meet and exceed numbers. (No matter what type of salesperson I am... CEO, VP or sales representative!)

2. I plan where the business is going to come from... which accounts, which buyers within those accounts and how much they will spend.

3. I spend my time according to that plan... if 50% of the numbers are going to come from one area within one account then probably 50% of my time should be spent there!

4. I know that things will go wrong... sales decisions will be slower than expected, expected orders will be cancelled or reduced ... so I have a contingency plan. My plan is 25% bigger than the plan the company gives me.

5. I work harder than my competition.

6. I work smarter than my competition. I focus my efforts on activities that move me towards my goals ... meeting with buyers, building relationships with my clients, ensuring the quality of the product/service I deliver, solving my clients problems, adding value to my clients etc.

7. I do NOT wait for the phone to ring! I make things happen.

8. I spend time listening to my clients and understanding their issues, rather than talking.

9. I harness the capabilities of my company to make sure the client gets what they need.

10. I will deliver... for my clients, for my company AND for myself!

Kevin Dee is founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)

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