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Make The Most of Your Time

I write about personal productivity or time management every now and then ... its a subject that I have "studied" for many years.

It is also a subject that can make a tremendous difference in anyone's career ... BUT we are all a little different, and the same techniques don't always work for everyone.

At its core, time management is really quite simple ... make sure you get as much "stuff" done, as efficiently as possible while focusing on the most important items first.

There are many reasons to try and be efficient, and they can range from the very rudimentary "wanting to get through work so as to get back to the real life"; to a desire for career success; or even because of the sense of fulfillment people get from accomplishing things.

Whatever your motivation, there are a few basics:

  • Write down what you need to get done, and it can be on paper or electronic, as long as it works for you!

  • Assign some sort of priority to the list ... it can be as simple or as complex as suits you.

  • Work through the stuff that you need to do.

  • Cross off the items you get done.

  • Add to the list as more stuff needs doing.

Pretty simple stuff ... however it is the way you get to drive your day instead of your day driving you.

The To Do list is a basic foundation for taking control of your days!

Kevin Dee is founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)

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