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We live in a world that is fast paced, and sometimes the “little” things can be forgotten. yet the “little” things can also mean a lot!

In our Western society we work a lot, commute a lot (when there is no pandemic), deal with our family commitments, deal with many “hassles” on a daily basis, have issues about money and generally have busy lives.  That busyness can consume us!

For me one of the biggest casualties of that “busyness” is the absence of thoughtfulness in so many of us!

The fact is that a moment of thoughtfulness can mean so much to people … but for many of us our brains are too full of “stuff”, or we forget our manners, or we just don’t see the importance of the “niceties” in this busy world.  We forget that most people are dealing with their issues, big and small!

BUT … think about the times when people have been thoughtful toyou. It made a difference. It brought a smile to your face. It made you feel good. It was a bright spot in your day.

Make it a part of your day to be thoughtful.

It can be really small things … hold the door for people instead of letting it swing in their face, stop to let a pedestrian cross the road or refrain from hitting the horn when someone “annoys”” you!  Don’t litter.  Don’t park in two spots.  Smile at the people around you, have a kind word for people you hardly know.

Maybe with time you could move up the value chain a little …

Make it a personal goal to know when your colleague’s birthdays are and send them a note.

Know when your clients have a special event and remember to ask about it.

Send a handwritten note to your staff when they do something special.

Notice when someone has lost weight, has a new hairstyle, a special suit etc.

Be NICE instead of scowling your way through the day.

Brighten upsomeone’sday with a kind word, a simple gesture or just a big smile!

Actually LOOK for ways to have a positive impact on people!

“When I was young I admired clever people.  Now I am old I admire kind people.” 

Abraham Joshua Heschel

Remember just like the credit card ad … thoughtfulness costs NOTHING, but its impact can be PRICELESS!

Kevin Dee is founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)

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