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Use Your Corporate Culture to Attract Talent!

When recruiting top talent, job postings are a great way to reach passive and active job seekers.

There are many techniques to writing the perfect description which in turn drives more applicants to your job posting and results in plenty of qualified candidates, but it's also critical that you get the right qualified candidates.

Finding somebody who fits into your organization and shares your values should be just as important, if not more important, as finding qualified talent.

If you agree to that statement, then you should agree that your corporate culture should be a major part of your job postings.

Unfortunately, according to a survey we conducted, companies put little weight on culture when writing their job postings! Chances are your job posting will be an applicant's first impression of your organization, so it's crucial that you use this opportunity to allow them to think beyond the requirements and entice them to want to work for you.

If you think your job postings could use some extra work in this area, here are a few simple tips to help you improve them today:

  • Start simple. There's no need to re-invent the wheel. Include your company's mission, vision, core values and any other cultural elements that already exist.

  • Brag about the benefits. Candidates often ask "What's in it for me?" and screen you as much as you screen them. Brag about all of the perks you offer, whether they're health benefits, parking, or free lunch!

  • Employee testimonials. Client testimonials are a common tool when marketing products/services. They're genuine, build trust and help buyers overcome skepticism. The same can be done in your job postings. Ask some of your employees to give a quick blurb about why they love working for you and what they feel makes working at your company different from anywhere else.

  • Be yourself. We all learned this as kids. Trying to be somebody you're not leads to disaster and failed relationships. When you accurately describe the work environment and set the proper expectations, you're more likely to find the best fit and avoid disappointment for both you and your new hire.

  • Go beyond the job posting. If you have a great understanding of your culture and want to brag about it, start promoting it the same way you would promote your corporate brand. Social media makes this easy and is a great way to start. LinkedIN and Facebook are good places to start your social recruiting strategy.

"Culture is to recruiting as product is to marketing."


Being up-front about corporate culture in your job postings will not only encourage the right people to apply, but can also discourage applicants who simply won't fit, saving you time in the screening stages of the recruitment process.

How much detail about corporate culture do you include in your postings?

Could you add more?

We would love to hear from you.

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Kevin Dee is founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)

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