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10 Reasons Why I Take Lots of Notes!

If you look in my notebook you will see pages filled with notes.

Here are some reasons why I write lots of notes:

1. I do not have an exceptional memory ... as Albert Einstein once said, " ... why should I fill my brain with facts I can find in 2 minutes".

2. I have not yet met anyone with perfect recall ... so there is a high probability that my notes, trump your memory!

3. Notes are an accepted form of proof ... if I can demonstrate that in a particular meeting, on a particular day "this was said" it carries weight for any contentious discussion. A legal situation, an employer/employee discussion about performance, a debate with a colleague about what was said in a meeting etc.

4. I can use my electronic calendar to identify the date of any meeting I have had (because I ALSO use my calendar religiously) and go back to the notebook I used at that time, to tell you what was said at that meeting. This can be useful for a million reasons.

5. In amongst my notes will be tidbits of information that may prove crucial at some future date ... contact names, phone numbers, dollar amounts (eg revenue spend of a client), commitments etc.

6. If I have notes written down then I can quickly share them with anyone ... scan and email, transcribe into a CRM or even photocopy and drop on your desk!

7. The act of writing things down actually improves memory of the facts ... so I remember those facts better when I write them down!

8. Taking notes means that I am not going to forget commitments I make ... if I am in a meeting and commit to sending information later it will be highlighted in my notes. If it is only in my memory then there is a chance I might forget.

9. When I am meeting with a client, and I take notes it demonstrates my seriousness/professionalism. The same when I am meeting a boss, a partner or a colleague. They know that I am focused on the conversation ... NOT reading my iPhone email!

10. This is now a habit ... I have done this for so long it is second nature. I have never regretted building this habit!

If you are not in the habit of taking notes, then just maybe this will be food for thought?

Kevin Dee is founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)

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