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Career Advice - Make the Boss Look Good

The heading for this blog entry is fairly self explanatory, and at first glance seems quite simple.

In reality it is probably theone piece of advice I could give anyone to encapsulate everything it takes to have a successful career.

Let me explain ... If you adopt the attitude that you will do your best to support your boss's success then it means a number of things, that all help you in your career:

1. You will have a positive attitude.

2. You will embrace the company rules.

3. You will NOT "play politics" or undermine your boss.

4. Your focus will be on doing a good job ... even when no one is looking!

5. Your approach will be to "serve".

Add ALL of that up and you have a fantastic foundation for the future.

1. Your boss will reciprocate.

2. Your boss's success will reflect on you.

3. They are likely to take you with them.

4. It is likely that your boss's boss will also notice.

One final thought, you don't need to like your boss (or your co-workers), you DO however need to find a way to work with them.

Kevin Dee is founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)

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