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Customer Expectations

Every customer has their own expectations in a given situation.

The best companies will help to set those expectations based upon their product or service ... and will meet or exceed expectations in order to provide a satisfying experience.

Expectations can be reasonable or unreasonable heading into the sales situation ... but through the sales process those expectations need to be be "reset" to reflect reality, and managed such that the experience is good.

"Customers may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel."

Are you LISTENING to your client, or are you too busy talking?

Are you ensuring that your messages are HEARD by your client?

Are you having the tough conversations that make sure everyone truly understands the relationship?

Do you have a feedback mechanism? That someone actions!

Are you truly managing your client's expectations?

"The single most important thing is to make people happy. If you are making people happy, as a side effect, they will be happy to open up their wallets and pay you."

Derek Silvers

Companies that want satisfied customers need to manage those expectations correctly or they will get the kind of negative exposure they deserve.