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The Entrepreneur's Reality

A new business owner needs to do whatever it takes to make their business a success.

That seems like a "given" to many people, but a short conversation will reveal that most people don't REALLY get it. Those people will often just assume that working hard is just that ... working hard.

Working hard is just an expectation of anyone doing a job ... if you are being paid to do a job then it is a reasonable expectation of your employer that you will work hard to earn that income!

Here are a few thoughts that might make you REALLY think about the business owner a little differently.

1. When you are talking to someone who has been there and achieved success you might well be looking at their current situation and assuming that you could do that! Sure you could put in long hours and a bit of travel. BUT could you do what the person did in the years it took to get their business established?

"Don't compare your "early in career" situation with the business owner's "late in career" situation.

2. You see the business person putting in some extra hours. It doesn't seem that onerous ... perhaps they are in the office a little later than most, but its not crazy. What you don't see are the hours they put in at home; the sleepless nights; the dealing with lawyers and accountants about the business ; the planning and negotiations for growth that may or may not translate into reality; the myriad of commitments that take time away from the "meat" of the business.

"You don't REALLY know how hard that business owner works ... so just assume it is way more than you can imagine."

3. Perhaps the business owner has achieved a good standard of living after a number of years running their business. You look at the toys and the lifestyle and think, "I could do that". Sure you could ... but could you pay the price? It will for sure mean longer hours, most likely more travel, very likely financial hardship in the early years. It will mean added stress and accountability for people's futures ... investors, partners and employees in addition to the clients who will depend upon you. Even after all that ... there is no certainty of success!

"What are you willing to sacrifice for the potential of business success?"

Owning a business is incredibly rewarding but it does not come cheaply ... it will cost financially, relationships will inevitably suffer and there will very likely be a toll on your health and fitness. There is also an incredibly high failure rate among new companies! Most societies depend upon business owners to create jobs and stimulate the economy ... so their importance cannot be underestimated.

The big question is are you prepared to do what it takes?