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Will Your Mood Affect Your Decision Making?

No matter how "even tempered" we are, there is always the opportunity to be a little edgy ... and in a business setting that can be dangerous.

We can be in a bad mood because of personal issues outside of work, because of the work itself or even because of external influences like the weather!

Whatever the cause for a "bad mood" it is critical that your mood does not cause you to make business decisions based on emotion, rather than on sound business parameters!

If you were in a great state of mind would you be having "this" conversation?

Are you tending towards more "direct and honest" feedback ... and would you do that IF you were in a "sunny" mood!

Are you going to make a decision, "say something" or act in some way that you will regret later?

We are all human, with human feelings and emotions ... but in the work place it is important to make rational business decisions, NOT react because of those emotions.

A few thoughts for when you might be a little emotional ...

1. Make sure you give yourself time to really think before reacting.

2. The old example of sending your "response email" to yourself and not replying to the originator until you have had time to settle down, is good advice.

3. Walk away from contentious discussions, put them off, set up a future meeting ... don't get drawn into a "here and now" discussion.

4. Take deep breaths and physically calm yourself down ... so that you can appear relaxed.

5. Ask yourself ... will I regret "this decision" later!

Kevin Dee is founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)

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